Personal-eyes your phone with GoggleEyes!

Give your phone the eyes it's been waiting for. Let it see what's going on in your world. Have the eyes follow you around the screen.

Personalise your phone with GoggleEyes, an exciting interactive live wallpaper that adds 3D animated eyes to your home screen behind the icons. They will peep out and watch you operate your phone.

Everyone knows that a great masterpiece has eyes that follow you round the room.  Well, with GoggleEyes the eyes really do follow you!

Use the configuration mode to size the eyes and position them - pinch zoom to size, drag the eyes to position them and drag the background to position it. Even change the colour of the eyes by tapping and holding the screen.

Add a background image behind the eyes - chose your favourite desktop or put a face on there with the Goggle eyes superimposed over the real eyes. Or, better still, take a selfie and super-impose the GoggleEyes on your own face! Might be good - might be creepy - it depends what your face is like!

When you're having a really bad day, take it out on your phone by poking it in the eye - and get that evil satisfied feeling when you see your poor phone suffer with bloodshot eyes!

While you're using the phone, the eyes will follow what you do. They even look around to see what's happening over your shoulder.

Have fun gogglising your phone with GoggleEyes. Olive eyes

Download GoggleEyes from Google Play.
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Some samples: